Due to advances in technology and individual settings being so different from one device to another, we simply cannot provide technical help of any kind with completing your downloads. We’re providing the information below to help the best we can on the slim chance you find yourself having difficulties.

Once you make a purchase, you will be redirected to a checkout page. You can click on the yellow button(s) under the download column to download each of your newly purchased files on this checkout page. You will also receive a completed order email at the email address you used during checkout. You can return to this email to download your files at any time.


  • Based on your settings, your new files may open automatically. If this is the case, you can go to File>Save As and save the files in whatever location you prefer.
  • The download bar may show above your taskbar. Once the download is complete, you can click on the chevron and then click “Show in folder.” This will open your download folder, which is where downloads typically save to by default.
  • You should also be able to open File Explorer and go to your downloads folder to find your newly downloaded files.
  • If all else fails and you cannot figure out how to locate your file, then performing a simple search on your computer for the file title could show where your downloads are hiding.


  • Again, the files may open automatically. If this is the case, you can click to download it to your device. You may also have the option to upload the file to your Google Drive account. Google Drive comes with every Google account, and the first 15 GB of storage are free. The best part is you can then access the files via your Google Drive account across all of your devices. We highly recommend exploring this option if you haven’t already.
  • If your file does not open automatically, then you should be able to locate the files in the download folder on your device. The download folder should be situated in your apps.
  • If all else fails and you cannot figure out how to locate your file, then performing a simple search as mentioned on your mobile device for the title of the file could again show where your downloads are hiding.
  • Depending on your device—and how tech-savvy you are—most Microsoft Office files should be mostly compatible with Google Apps. The files will likely drop formatting. Other functions may also be limited, so this option probably shouldn’t be your first choice.


  • You can view and print any of our PDF files on your mobile device. Still, you may not be able to edit form fields on fillable form PDF files while on a mobile device due to file security and mobile devices’ limited capabilities.
  • We include Microsoft Office files with some purchases as a bonus for those who have the software and are comfortable using it. All of our downloadable files will also include its corresponding PDF file. Most computers and devices come with a PDF viewer of some sort pre-installed on them, but if your laptop, PC, or mobile device does not have a PDF viewer, you’ll need one to view and use our files. Adobe Reader is a very common PDF viewer, and it’s free. You can download it here.
  • Our files are copyright protected and are for personal use only. They are not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.
  • Lastly, we like our security online too. Suppose while checking out you clicked to receive exclusive Mini Riches information, along with discounts and product information. In this case, you will be receiving a confirmation email delivered to the email address you used while checking out. You will need to view that email to click a link confirming you’re not a silly internet robot before we can put you on our list.
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