We won’t play the part of Captain Obvious here–we both know why you’re on this page. We’re looking to do big things here for folks, and so are you. Yes! We would love for you to flaunt your hard work here for our Mini Riches family! We accept guest posts on all the topics we cover on our blog. Please carefully review the following guidelines before submitting your pitch:

  • You should feel you have a fantastic track record of writing great content—our readers deserve it. We won’t bother with your pitch if we find you to be one of those folks pushing out spammy content to everyone you can.
  • Must be at least 1,600 words in length. It isn’t easy to get out any decent advice in a 400-word blog post…
  • You give Mini Riches LLC full rights to the content within the post after it is published.
  • Please include a short author bio at the end of your post.
  • You are permitted to link out as many times as you’d like as long as those links benefit our readers. Links will be removed at our discretion the moment we feel they don’t benefit our readers. On this note, your bio should only contain 1 or 2 links either to your website, social media account, or blog.
  • We all learned not to plagiarize in school, so don’t do it. All content will run through Copyscape.
  • All images must either be your own or royalty-free.
  • Zero spelling or grammatical errors—we’re not editors. We use Grammarly, and it’s been a great relationship.
  • Submit a creative headline to grab the reader’s attention. The great folks over at CoSchedule offer a fantastic, free headline analyzer here.
  • Write in short paragraphs with headers to break up the post for visual appeal and readability. You need to conduct keyword research and optimize your post for SEO.
  • Respond to comments on your post. This is a great opportunity to reach readers interested in what you have to say with a personal touch. At the very least, write a simple reply acknowledging that someone has commented.
  • Post content must be shared in Google Docs for potential revision requests before publishing.
  • Once the post goes live, we will share it across all of our social media channels. For obvious reasons, we require you to do the same.


  • Your blog/website URL.
  • Links to previous work you have done.
  • A quick summary of your post touching on the main points you will cover.
  • Potential headline.
  • A timeline for draft submission if your pitch is approved.
  • Anything else you feel would be beneficial to share.


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